Restore & Revive Hair Growth System
Restore & Revive Hair Growth System
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Restore & Revive Hair Growth System

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Restore & Revive Hair Growth System

This 3-step medical-grade system uses advanced HRS-10 technology to block the production of DHT, stimulate collagen production for better hair follicle anchoring, and decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines with synergistic action. Hair loss is most often a result of a disruption in the hair growth cycle by an increase of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, loss of connective tissue integrity surrounding the hair follicle, and an increase in the inflammatory process in the scalp.

  • Provides fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair
  • Prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth using the latest technology for healthy hair volume and shine


STEP 1:  Restore Shampoo

Formulated to maximize a clean and healthy optimal environment For hair regrowth and add fullness to thin lifeless hair, by expanding the shaft of individual hair follicles, leaving the hair with healthy body, volume, and shine.

  • Creates thicker, fuller looking hair
  • Stimulates hair growth and combats hair loss

Apply a small amount to wet hair and gently work into a rich
lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary or as directed by a physician.


STEP 2:   Restore Conditioner 

Nourishing panthenol-rich formulation reinforces follicle roots to prevent breakage and build fullness and body onto thinning hair.

  • Protects and Nourishes healthy hair growth
  • Restores hair volume, fullness and moisture

Apply Revive Conditioner after using Restore Shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary or as directed by a physician.


STEP 3:  Hair Growth Boost Serum

Medical Grade formula contains HRS-10, a biomimetic peptide combined with a red clover extract rich in Bochanin A, to prevent hair loss, slow thinning, and stimulate new hair growth.

  • Stops hair loss andstimulates hair growth
  • Clinically proven to reduce the production of DHT

Apply Hair Growth Boost Serum to hair and massage gently into scalp. Do not rinse. Apply twice a day or use as directed by a physician.